Correlation between Fractional Free Volume and Diffusivity of CO2 Gas Molecules Through Neat and Blended Pebax Based Membranes
کد مقاله : 1201-PHYSCHEM20
حسین بی آزار1، مهدی عبداللهی *2، مرتضی خوش بین3
2عضو هیات علمی/ مدیر گروه مهندسی فرایندهای پلیمریزاسیون
3فارغ التحصیل
چکیده مقاله:
Gas transport properties of poly(ether-b-amide6) (under Pebax trademark) and poly(vinyl-ran-dibutyl maleate) (PVAc-co-DBM) blends were measured. It was shown the CO2/CH4 selectivity (α) parameter enhanced twice of its primary amount with addition in P(VAc-co-DBM) wt%, however the permeability (P) of CO2 had a reduction trend. Calculation of CO2 diffusivity (D) and solubility (S) indicated the reduction in permeability was because of diffusivity parameter reduction. To study this matter more preciously fractional free volume (FFV) of membranes were calculated with two different methods. It was shown with P(VAc-co-DBM) increment, FFV of membranes have been reduced. Correlation between FFV and diffusivity of membranes confirmed gas transport data of prepared membranes fitted properly in equations.
کلیدواژه ها:
Poly(ether-b-amide), Vinyl acetate- based copolymer, Blend membrane, Fractional free volume (FFV), Carbon dioxide, Methane
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