Asphaltene Adsorption onto SiO2 nanoparticles and demulsification behavior
کد مقاله : 1202-PHYSCHEM20
سیدمرتضی صدرپور *1، سهیلا جوادیان فرزانه2
2عضو هیات علمی دانشگاه تربیت مدرس
چکیده مقاله:
Asphaltene Adsorption onto surface nanoparticles is an attractive subject for the oil industry because nanoparticles would remove asphaltenes from the crude oil rapidly and thus make the remaining fraction of crude oil transportable for conventional processing. In this work, the adsorption of asphaltenes from crude oil model solutions onto colloidal nanoparticles of SiO2 nanoparticles were investigated. Asphaltene Adsorption isotherms were obtained and the resultant shows isotherm is in good Compromise with the Langmuir isotherm model. Bottle test uses for evaluation demulsification of crude oil. Also, the result of demulsification of SiO2 indicates this nanoparticle better than industrial demulsifier for dehydration of crude oil in all concentration.
کلیدواژه ها:
Crude oil, demulsification, Asphaltene Adsorption
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