Preparation and Evaluation of Manganese Catalysts of Alumina and Mesoporous Silica (HMS) (Mn / Al2O3, Mn / HMS) and their Catalytic Activity in Liquid Phase
کد مقاله : 1354-PHYSCHEM20
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Abstract: Mesoporous silica catalysts are prepared and 5% weight of different salts of manganese by inoculum method. It has been observed that the salts have the highest percentage of manganese nitrate salts. This catalyst is used in the reaction of cyclohexane oxidation to cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol Has been.The results are investigated using FT-IR and XRD techniques, and the size of particles is determined using the Sherer equation. SEM also confirms the morphology of the mesoporous structure
.The synthesis of mesoporous Si-HMS silicates from a method first described by Pinawiaetal.After preparation of the catalysts, the reflux is carried out at 90 ° C in the presence of the measured value of the solvent, cyclohexane as the primary material, TBHP as an oxidizing agent for 8 hours, and then the product is injected into the G.C. device and the conversion percentage of the products is calculated.
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HMS, Mesoporous
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